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Wild, original, surprising, uncurated — this is how I would describe my day-to-day work-life. No, I don’t live in a bustling metropolis (though I did for some time). I live and work in a rural place. In 2018 I made the leap and moved from a large, East Coast metro to a small New England town of 1800 people.

I didn’t retire early and wealthy to a mountainside cabin, nor did I head back-to-the-land to try my hand at self-sustenance and farming. …

A journey comes full circle, in the light of the moon.

When I was a kid growing up in rural America, I remember long car rides home after dark, jostling gently in the backseat with my sisters, watching the moon follow us all the way home to the farm where we lived. The moonlight was crystalline and stunningly bright; its light draping over the deep bluish-green leaves of cornfields or shimmering a path to the horizon over prairies full of snow.

On the open farmlands where I spent my youth, the moon was a cyclical and reassuring presence, a source of both wonder and steadfastness. I remember watching clouds pass over…

Search, click, buy. photo by @carabros

The call came early Friday afternoon. I knew what it was even before I answered. My friend, who happens to be an international chicken influencer, had a lead on a commodity that has recently sold out across the United States. Over video chat, she said the exact words I had been hoping to hear, “Do you want to go in on a chick order with us?”

When I left the city and moved to the country 18 months ago, I had no intention of becoming a “back-to-the-lander,” raising chickens or doing any gardening beyond maybe some hobby herbs and flowers…

You’ve been thinking about moving to the country. Let’s explore the idea together. While this moment is not the time to do it, with a pandemic spreading its way across the country and world, I recognize that instinct for flight which has perhaps always been there and now rattles around louder than before. Let’s leave the city. We’ve thought about it for so long. I wish we had done it already. I had these same thoughts for years.

Country living wasn’t completely foreign to me, the Midwestern farmhouse where I grew up was unmappable by today’s technology, simply identified by…

Cara Brostrom

Living in sync with nature for political, social, and spiritual revolution. @carabros

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