The Art of Moon Bathing

A journey comes full circle, in the light of the moon.

How to Moonbathe¹ (wherever you are)

  1. Use a moon chart or moon phase app to learn the cycles of the moon.
  2. When the full moon comes, find the moonlight in your home and leave a curtain open to let it shine in. Sit, lounge or sleep in the moonlight. Alternatively, take an evening walk to a place where you can see the moon and spend some time letting it shine on your face.
  3. If you can’t see the moon where you are or safely access it at night, darken your windows and keep a dim light on in your bedroom to mimic the light of a full moon. If this seems dishonest, compassionately let go of the idea that you can only get in touch with the rhythms of nature in pristine environments or ideal circumstances. Start now, where you are, with what you have. Simply bringing awareness to the phases of the moon where before there was none is a step in a new direction.
  4. When the new moon comes, keep your bedroom very dark; remove night lights and darken the windows to keep out any artificial light.
  5. Practice for many months. Continue for years. Observe how you feel. Bring awareness and intention to the action. If you menstruate, track your menstrual cycle and observe any shifts or repeating patterns, and how these relate to the phases of the moon.

Living in sync with nature for political, social, and spiritual revolution. @carabros

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